Included in your off the shelf solution: Combustion thermal barrier coatings, Sacrificial coatings for compressor blades

SGT100/200/300 Solar Saturn/Centaur, TA

  • Combustion thermal barrier coatings
  • Sacrificial coatings for compressor blades
  • Upgraded coatings for Turbine sections


Combustion thermal barrier coatings:

We offer a full evaluation of your current thermal coatings and offer both improvement and life extension on standard and DLE systems.

Sacrificial coatings for compressor blades

Traditional systems for sacrificial coatings have often been targeted to improvements on rotor blades. The latest Turbine Efficiency coating’ TELxPro provides this uprated protection not only to the blades but also the casings. These in the past have been neglected in coating improvement and left with historic coatings. TELxPro provides the surface improvement that we have seen on the rotor blades but this time to all the casings. The TELxPRO  system produces a surface profile of <10 Ra @ 0,003” cut off compared to ~20 Ra for the original blade sacrificial coating systems and 25 for the other casings.

Upgraded coatings for Turbine sections

With our experience in the coating market we have built a long history of understanding the engine needs in the hot section. This allows Turbine Efficiency to individualise the coatings for your engine. With the introduction of our Chrome Free Diffusion coatings, this also gives you the extra piece of mind for the environment.