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GTA provide competitively priced overhaul of all SolarĀ®, Saturn & Centaur products.

Founded in 1984, an independent service provider specialising in Saturn and Centaur industrial gas turbines (Solar® Turbines products).

GTA provides overhaul, repair and testing services for a longstanding customer base, primarily operating within the upstream and midstream sector, from its facility in Calera, OK. This is all delivered from a 16000 sqft workshop which includes a Saturn & Centaur test facility as well as a fully equipped machine shop. The workshop has 2 overhead cranes (up to 7 T capability) and build stands for both the Saturn and Centaur engines. In Addition, GTA has a 9600 sqft building that is being developed as a new test facility and storage area.

GTA provide a competitively priced overhaul of all Solar®, Saturn & Centaur products. Each turbine is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired, balanced and assembled to the highest quality standards.  Most overhaul and repair operations are performed in- house on our machines to high quality standards.

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